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negotiating medical bills is like buying a car

Most Americans do not negotiate the cost of things on a daily basis. So many are surprised that it's possible to negotiate hospital bills.

Many patients ignore large hospital bills if they have failed to figure out a payment plan with the billing department. Or, worse, have sold everything they own to pay for them. Either way, patients are dealing with severe financial problems because the cost of healthcare in America is out of control.

If you can't pay your hospital bill, you are not alone and you are not a criminal.

My goal is to coach you through the process to find a fair price for your medical services that you can afford. I am developing a short class so that you are confident on how to handle any medical bill that won't drain your savings.

In the meantime, please feel free to reach out to me for personal needs by submitting a request. I have also partnered with a free, independent educational resource that provides tips on saving costs for patients.


Opening Questions

There are a wide variety of patient advocates you could choose from, but many people don't even know that patient advocates exist. Sometimes the financial incentives of health insurance companies and healthcare providers are misaligned with patients' best interests. We are here to keep the healthcare system accountable to your needs, creating equitable relationships, fair pricing, and a plan that is centered on you. We also help you be the best patient (not necessarily a "good" patient), but an effective one to give you the best chance at a better outcome.

No. Regardless of what degrees a patient advocate has, we do NOT diagnose health conditions. We do NOT treat medical conditions. We do NOT perform health or risk screens. We are not here to replace the needed expertise of medical professionals. We are here to improve your relationships with your healthcare providers and the healthcare system by helping them meet your needs. We have a background in health to be able to assist better with administrative and communication needs between patients and providers.

As there is a high demand, many patient advocates have begun assisting with medical bill and health insurance claims negotiations. There are lawyers who specialize in this area as well. For patients who are not yet ready to start a lawsuit, patient advocates can help with these negotiations as it is usually in the best interest of your healthcare provider and health insurance to do so. For some it may be necessary to work with a lawyer instead of a patient advocate and we will do our best to help you understand your options.