What people say

  • This one right here Kyla Bauer reached out to me when I was bed ridden and offered to help me with any of my administrative stuff such as Dr’s bills, submitting to insurance, requesting financial assistance. She’s saved me at least 5 thousand dollars that I didn’t have and because of a specific letter she submitted she might end up saving me another 10 or 20 thousand before its all over.

    Luke, Started May Day Project
  • My friend, Kyla Bauer, can help you. She saved me over $1,000 off of my medical bill for Eli's seizure and this was after the billing department said they wouldn't negotiate! She is a miracle worker.

    Robyn, Business Owner
  • I would like to take a moment to thank you personally for all of the assistance you have given me in reclaiming my active and prosperous life. As you will recall, when we met I had three previous orthopedic surgeries behind me and was preparing to rehabilitate from a fourth surgery, my second full hip replacement. I had become overweight, lost my energy and flexibility and was unable to enjoy the activities and physical freedom that had been part of the fabric of my life. You took the time to work closely with my long time physical therapist to gain the background on my personal medical history necessary to provide me tailored care, a professional approach no one in my previous experience had considered taking the time to do. Your kind and encouraging spirit were combined with a determination that was infectious and hard not to be inspired by. I truly enjoyed our time together, even while side planking! When we started I was not able to bend over far enough to put my own socks on comfortably … I can now stand in the shower on one leg and wash the bottom of my other foot, something I will never take for granted again. Your patient methodical training program restored strength , balance and flexibility I had had not had in a decade. I can surf, bicycle, and golf, all pain free. Thank you! One of the greatest gifts you have given me is teaching my body how to take care of itself. Although you live far from me now , my exercise regime, healthy balanced diet, and attitude toward maintaining my physical well-being will stay with me forever. Words cannot express how much you changed my life permanently. I’ll never forget you …

    Lance Robinson, DDS, Business Owner
  • "Kyla was key to my success at kick-starting the next chapter of my life! I was newly retired from three decades of teaching at the age of 62 and my primary goal was to remain engaged and active in life. I decided the best way to ensure my success was to start with improving my overall fitness and health. I had always worked on my endurance, but with Kyla’s know-how, she developed a balanced program that helped me improve upon my balance, strength and nutrition. Her positive attitude and professional approach was so highly motivating. She was patient, nurturing and always enthusiastic about my progress, be it big or small. Kyla took me through this whole learning process incrementally so that I never experienced any injury. I always felt a high level of trust and safety under her direction that was based on well-founded theory and research in the fields of exercise and nutrition. Kyla was the perfect solution."

    Vicki, Business Owner
  • What a fantastic job you've done with my fitness and how you've helped me overcome the hip flexor issues AND that after quitting running several years ago due to knee pain. I've been able to pick it back up again without any problems.

    Rebecca, Google

Why We're Here

Over two years ago I was hit by a car while on a bicycle in my neighborhood. It left me with several injuries that are still healing to this day. At the time I worked in healthcare alongside some of the best doctors, had health insurance, and a full-time job. Despite having a solid network and good financial standing, the process was unbearably hard and lonely. I have much hope in healthcare reform but I refuse to wait for it to solve these problems that patients like me face every day. There are changes we can make now.

Pioneer Health Solutions will be expanding to bring on more patient advocates to focus on medical billing in developing areas of healthcare and discrimination against specific groups of people. If you have a passion in mental health insurance coverage, rare disease medical billing coverage, or mediating discrimination disputes, please email us if you are interested in joining our team.